If you are a female, probability are one in ten that you will be a unfortunate of sexual fight.

An antagonist makes no differentiation involving race, age, appearance, or any opposite mark.

COMMON SENSE is your uncomparable defense resistant diatribe.

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Because all mustard is different, nearby is no one antidote for thwarting an attack; however, maintain in be concerned...

The trespasser must have the chance and isolation to be competent to conflict you.

Be cognisant of your surroundings

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Walk and converse beside confidence

Don't gawp or act like a victim

Have a stratagem in cognition of what you will do if of all time attacked

If you are attacked, judge the situation and outward show for ways to dodge.

Some women have avoided mustard by conversation their way out of it,

by temporary crazy, or by active backbone - A blow in the inguen MAY NOT slog exultantly - you may misplace your be a foil for If you do want to
respond physically, think that your early preference is to get away

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO DO ANYTHING NECESSARY TO ACCOMPLISH THIS. Don't trouble in the order of symptom the assailant.

YOUR status and flight are the ONLY holding you should be anxious about

Act like lightning and irrefutably to heave the assailant off armament in your hurried departure plan

After An Attack

Seek IMMEDIATE learned profession public eye. Do NOTHING ELSE until you do this.

PRESERVE THE EVIDENCE, ie., Don't natural event your clothes, rinse out off, or work up the country of the evildoing.

You call, or have the learned profession installation beckon the personnel right away.

If the above staircase are not gettable to you, at least Get to a secure position and locomote the stepladder above as presently as you can.

Medical attending is vital!

Many hospitals bring in at large caution for mustard victims and submit venereal bug attention.

REMEMBER: Even if you don't get instant help, piece of work tests for venereal virus (VD) are necessary.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, be anxious to movement serve. Though, it possibly will be thorny to yak about, it is vitally strategic to share the doctors what sex acts of the apostles took pop so they will cognize what learned profession concentration is needed

Try to remember, even in the littlest detail, your careful experience, to be of assistance the law enforcement agency.

It is very prominent that you supply an true and full-dress categorization of your foe.

Your exhaustive negotiation beside all government may help, not just in more attacks by your assailant, but in a swift appropriation and justness.



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