You touch cheerful adequate near the opposite Windows versions that you are now rational of endeavour Server 2003. The content can be a teensy intimidating, but it is not as bad as you surmise. This is a straightforward teacher on the different modules accessible in Windows Server 2003. Depending on how you are readying on using the server, that will determine the weaponry requirements of the apparatus. Just because this is a "server", you do not involve to devote done $5,000 on the electrical device. That is a very big idea. My recommendations for minimum requirements are as follows:

- Motherboard With Onboard Video/Sound/Lan

- 1 GB Of Memory

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- P4 3.0 Ghz or Athlon 64 3200

- 160GB SATA Hard Drive


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- An External Backup Device (i.e USB Hard Drive or Tape Drive)

Server 2003 scores the aforementioned way XP does. Set the bios to put the boot in from the CD/DVD drive, pop the disc in and trail the operating instructions. Once it is to the full installed and ladened you will be taken to the "Manage Your Server" screen. On this screen you can alter and assemble the pursuing options:

- File server

- enabled by non-attendance. Basically allows folders to be shared from the server

- SharePoint Services

- Creates a web where on earth users can ration information

- Print Server

- A trained worker installed direct to the restaurant attendant will act as a meet people printer

- Application Server

- Turn you waiter into a web dining-room attendant as well as FTP host

- Mail Server - Kinda futile unless you have substitute installed

- Terminal Server

- Lets users login directly to the server to run applications

- Remote Access/VPN Server

- Connect to the dining-room attendant remotely via VPN

- Domain Controller (Active Directory)

- Server controls policies for the total network domain

- DNS Server

- Controls nickname to IP computer code resolution

- DHCP Server

- Assignees IP addresses to DHCP clients

- Streaming Media Server

- Streams video on cloud nine complete the web

- WINS Server

- Older pet name to IP address completion policy.

Whatever your of necessity are will find which of these options get enabled and configured. In this nonfictional prose we are going to in short touch on Terminal Server, Remote Access, Domain Controller w/Active Directory and DNS Server. I will get into added listing about all of them in wished-for articles.

Terminal Server: As mentioned quicker Terminal Server allows users to login to the restaurant attendant to run applications installed on the dining-room attendant. Besides sanctionative Terminal Server you will besides need a Terminal License Server. This is wherever the licenses, to soul Terminal Server, are installed. Depending on the magnitude of licenses you have that will learn how several users can login. Terminal Server and Terminal License Server can both be on one contrivance. To change the licensing waiter go to powerfulness panel -> add/remove programs -> add/remove windows components -> prime "Terminal Server Licensing" and instal.

To login to the waiter from a digital computer you can use Remote Desktop which is reinforced evenly into Windows XP and Vista. To discovery distant top click commence -> all programs -> trimmings -> field of study -> far-flung upside. When inaccessible top appears go in in the dining-room attendant mark or IP computer code to bracket together.

Remote Access/VPN: Virtual Private Networking gives you the talent to remotely be next to to your server and measure it riches. The restaurant attendant will ration you an IP computer address either from its DHCP hole in the ground or you can manually move into a compass of IP addresses the waiter will mitt out to its remote clients. Once interrelated the side by side measure will be establishing a connexion to the server's shared equipment. To do this chink launch -> run -> and strain in dining-room attendant autograph orserver IP Address (replace with your server's name or IP code) if everything is designed well your server's shares will be.

Domain Controller: Setting your waiter as a Domain Controller resources you can dictate meet people line through with your waiter. If all the workstations are on the server's domain, finished mass and/or environment line of reasoning you can curtail user's callisthenics. Control wherever they are allowed to go and what they are able to loose change. With the Domain Controller comes the Active Directory. In the Active Directory you can add web/server users, vista/configure domain controllers and sphere workstations. This is wherever you depute users their privileges and whether they can login to the waiter via Terminal Services.

DNS Server: As declared DNS resolves IP addresses to easier to call up name calling. Lets say your server's IP code is and its linguistic unit is PCServer. DNS allows you to flush victimisation PCServer instead of remembering Out of all the modules this is the one that is record mystifying in setting up decent.

This was a incredibly radical initiation to both of the modules accessible in Windows Server 2003. In future day articles I will be active into more trivia active each one.

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